About Joe Clancy

I’m a landscape architect, horticulturist, biophilic design consultant, public speaker and architectural journalist.

I’m the author of numerous articles on landscape architecture, but the primary focus of my literary/research work is on biophilic design and restorative environments.  I’m the co-author of Terrapin Bright Green’s 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design: Improving Health and Well-Being in the Built Environment (2014) and have also been published in MIT’s International Journal of Architectural Research, Horticulture Connected and the Chinese publication, Landscape Architecture Frontiers, edited by Professor Kongjian Yu of Turenscape Landscape Architecture.

My masters dissertation focused on Identifying Opportunities and Constraints for the Implementation of Biophilic Design Patterns in UK Landscape Architecture and is available for download here.

I’m a former member of the Landscape Institute‘s Editorial Advisory Panel and was previously the Chief Editor of Landscape Architects Network online publication.  I was student reader for landscape architecture in 2015 for the Quality Assurance Agency.

I also run educational training workshops on biophilic design for built environment professionals and have developed educational materials/presentations for CPD organisations.

I have delivered public talks for ARCC/Feeling Good Foundation, Pegasus Planning Group, and Living Building Challenge UK Collaborative among others.

I’m currently a project landscape architect at Bradley Murphy Design.

Please enjoy my mess of blog, and do get in touch if you are interested in biophilic design in the built environment.


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