Biophilic Design Patterns in UK Landscape Architecture


This dissertation aims to identify the opportunities and constraints for the implementation of biophilic design patterns and assess its need/importance in UK landscape architecture.

This dissertation has utilized various sources, including peer reviewed academic journal articles, recent publications, online sources and personal communications with leading experts in the field of biophilic design, including William Browning, Catie Ryan, Timothy Beatley, Gayle Souter-Brown, Stephen Kellert, Val Kirby and Nick Grayson.

The methodology of this dissertation has included a literature review, professional work experience with Terrapin Bright Green (a company specialising in biophilic design in the built environment), interviews with professional UK landscape architects and biophilic design experts, two online surveys of UK based landscape architects and an educational workshop on biophilic design for UK based landscape architects.

The main findings of this dissertation have been: a knowledge deficit exists among UK landscape architects on biophilic design; no direct references to biophilic design exist in either local or national planning policy and; clients do not envision biophilic design as being important or necessary in their developments.

It is the recommendation of this dissertation to: incorporate biophilic design into landscape architecture university curricula; establish biophilic design CPD events; produce individual guidance documents for each project type on biophilic design; incentivise developers to incorporate biophilic design in their projects to increase acceptance and awareness; incorporate biophilic design into local and national planning policy and; found a national, multi disciplinary professional body for biophilic design in the UK, to oversee and help implement these recommendations.

Full dissertation available for download here

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