10 Things a Landscape Architect Never Wants to Hear

#10 “So you design gardens”?

#9 “The project engineer wants to talk”.

#8 “The deadline’s tomorrow”.

#7 “I want a no maintenance design”.

#6 “So you’re like an architect, but not an architect”?

#5 “So, er….what do you do”?

#4 “We’ve hired an architect to do the landscape architecture”.

#3 “The printer’s broken”.

#2 “AutoCAD is not responding”.

#1 “We’re out of coffee”

5 responses to “10 Things a Landscape Architect Never Wants to Hear

  1. Not sure about no 10 so you design gardens. Landscape architecture in the UK derives from garden design and a lot of practices make a lot of money from designing gardens. Im never offended if people mistake me for a gardener either, thats just me though some of my landscape architect friends get highly offended.

    • Thanks for your comment Karl. Totally agree, #10 is simply aimed at how people outside the profession don’t always understand the full picture of what LAs do and the constant explaining to people of what a landscape architect does is perhaps what gets on the nerves of some landscape architects. 🙂

    • I’ve never understood what’s so offensive in garden design for landscape architects, do they feel they are being demoted or do they feel they are getting closed to being confused to with the gardener??
      I don’t see how can that be offensive at least they would have a better knowledge in planting material

      • Catarina, thank you for your comment. Some Landscape Architects feel being confused with a garden designer undermines their training and experience. Many garden designers do not undertake the same level of study, professional exams and work as landscape architects (although some landscape architects do solely work as garden designers).

        Put simply, the work of a landscape architect encompasses so many areas, such as; landscape planning, applied landscape ecology and conservation, remediation, climate change mitigation, digital rendering, habitat restoration, landscape visual impact assessment, landscape character assessments and report writing, it can be quite frustrating to simply be classed as a garden designer.

        These are merely the reasons why and no comments are intended to be negative in any way towards garden designers. It’s quite simply an old cliche within the professions that originates from poor public awareness about the field of landscape architecture.

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